An efficient and marketing savvy approach to increasing awareness for your Cape Coral business can be as simple as investing in a custom vehicle wrap and graphics. With custom graphic car wraps in Cape Coral you can transform your vehicle into a visual aid for your brand while on-the-go, all the while projecting a professional image of who you are as a business.  When investing in a custom wrap or graphics for your vehicle, consider the following questions to ensure the best results:

What is your level of experience for vehicle wraps?

As for any installation process, it’s important to know that the company doing your vehicle wrap or graphics is qualified in their field. Installing vehicle wraps is not as simple as sticking material onto a van – these things take time, precision and skill. Companies installing vehicle wraps and other vinyl graphics need to know how to handle their materials; as different cars, trucks and vans may require different methods and types of vinyl. As mentioned earlier, different vinyl have different properties for different surfaces. That is where your installer’s attention to detail is of great importance; in avoiding the appearance of bubbles or other imperfections. Make sure that the finished product is exactly what you have been promised. If you have questions or concerns, you are entitled to voice them.

Do you use Name Brand Vinyl for Car Wraps in Cape Coral?

From the get-go, it’s important to know that the company you are utilizing for your vehicle wrap and graphics is working with brand name vinyl. Though this may be the pricier option when compared to private label (aka house-brand) vinyl, the quality is going to be its biggest tell. Better known brand names like 3M* are quality tested and developed in order to guarantee the highest performance, durability and quality possible. When wrapping a vehicle with house-brand vinyl on the other hand, such quality may be sacrificed and can vary with different rolls. Our advice? If you’re investing your time and money in your new vehicle wrap, make sure to ask your installer the specifics of their vinyl and opt for the bigger, brand name materials.

Is Your Vinyl Specifically Formulated for Vehicle Wraps?

Now that you know to ask your installer if they use brand names, you should also look into asking if the vinyl used is specifically created for this type of project. From first glance, most vinyl may appear to be the same for car wraps in Cape Coral; however different types of vinyl should be applied to different materials for the best results. Cast vinyl is the top of the line when it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics, as this type of vinyl is specifically manufactured to hold and fit to any shapely or complex surfaces with a nice, smooth finish. This is the type of vinyl we recommend for your car. Calendared vinyl on the other hand has a much shorter lifespan, and is best suited for flat or simply shaped objects, like signs. It is true that Calendared vinyl is less expensive but when it comes to quality, the price really isn’t that great an advantage. Your installer should be aware of such types of vinyl when dealing with your custom vehicle wrap – so don’t forget to ask!

Are the Printed Wraps and Graphics Laminated with the Correct Matching Lamination?

One of the key components of your vehicle wrap process involves ensuring that your installer will be laminating the vinyl graphics before they are applied to your vehicle. Why is this so important? Laminating your graphics will actually provide a better quality look and increased durability for your vehicle wrap. Lamination is an essential, as it acts as a sunblock against harmful UV rays and in the long run can help to slow down any fading that may occur from extreme sun exposure. Depending on where you live, this can be a major factor in how long your vehicle wrap or graphics last – especially if you live in Fort Myers, Florida! Laminating your graphics before application is also vital for the quality of the finished product, as it’s another layer of protection from scratches. In the long run, having graphics laminated before application will result in a stronger finish and a longer lasting wrap.

This Creative Wraps Reputation is Built on Quality and Service

At This Creative for our wraps we only use brand name vinyl designed specifically for the requirements of wrapping your vehicles.  Our vehicle wraps are laminated to protect the quality of the digital print so that your brand and business always looks sharp.  Our vehicle wrap installers have been to vehicle wrapping certified courses wrapping vehicles and an attention to detail second to none.  We are in the business of making our clients look good, not just when you pick up your vehicle, but for the guaranteed life of your wrap or graphics. We make sure we do it right because we believe great visual communications make great things happen for your business.

*Fun Fact: Here at This Creative, we use 3M feel free to use the 3M vehicle wrap color visualization tool