What Goes Into Vehicle Wraps in Fort Myers, FL?

It’s proven that Vehicle wraps are an extremely innovative and efficient way to market your business to your area of operation, reaching and engaging with 95% of drivers. The ability to reach such a broad audience without traditional barriers such as ‘banner blindness’, changing the station, or dis-engaging the consumer by forcing them to listen to your ad, has raised the return on investment of vehicle wraps in Fort Myers, FL to the highest ROI for all outdoor advertising.

The wrapping process is an intricate and multi-faceted procedure that involves attention to detail and utilizing creative techniques in order to accomplish a finished product that is properly and expertly applied. While many people claim to be expert wrappers, without the right process and material, your wrap could be sub-par, or could fail once installed.

The following video demonstrates some of the vital behind-the-scenes procedures that take place when wrapping a vehicle with us at This Creative. Our experienced designers work closely with you throughout the design phase to bring your vision to life. You can feel confident in knowing that we will construct a design that helps establish your individuality while also acting as a medium to convey your message to your audience.

Our 3M Preferred and Certified Installers will ensure your wrap is applied with the right material for your climate and area (not all wraps are made to withstand Florida weather!). They carefully inspect every aspect of your vehicle, checking the quality of every nook and curve of your vehicle.

The end result is a beautiful piece of mobile advertising artwork, guaranteed to bring brand excitement and business to your product.

Check out the process in the video below, and contact us to get your wrap started today!

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It’s easy! all you need is your year, make, and model of the vehicle you want to wrap.