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Signage is Something No Business Can Ignore

In order to have a successful business (regardless of your industry), retailers and business owners need to have complementary signage to drive foot traffic. Signs in Fort Myers help local businesses get noticed by locals passing by, whether on the road or walking by, which drives customers into its business and then creates sales. Even though signs can do you a lot of good, there is a proper and effective way to design and place signage to stimulate a welcoming environment for your business establishment. The following are a few guidelines to take into consideration:

Consider These Signage Practices

The graphics on your storefront signage are just as important as the message your signs are conveying. Regardless of what type of signage your choose to display, your business probably has a custom logo, brand and/or color scheme you abide by for merchandise and other tagged or wrapped items; this is important! But it’s also just as important that you keep all of your printed and designed materials consistent in your signage so that you are staying on brand. Keeping the same text, titled fonts, and color patterns or schemes the same across all signage is key in creating recognition of your brand. If a customer were to see signage advertising your business in an offsite location, they should be able to easily identify and associate that signage with your business. This concept of cohesiveness is especially important when it comes to storefront, building, parking, and road signage. These signs typically catch the eye of a possible customer once and it can be brief – so make it count! Customers should be able to see your logo or color scheme, recognize it in seconds and know where they are going or better yet, that they are in the right place. Brand recognition is one of the key factors in gaining repeat customers and keeping them in the long haul – people like a brand that they can trust (a.k.a a brand that knows who they are).

Now when it comes to the message, your custom sign should have specific information about your business that matches all of the online listings. Addresses, phone numbers, and other forms of contact information should correspond with your existing materials while remaining easy to read. The sign’s message or purpose outside of providing contact information should also be simple; short, clear and to-the-point messages are most effective and it’s recommended that you keep the message easy enough to read in under five seconds. Any message beyond a 5-second read is often ignored by the average viewer. Most signage messages should have a headline, explanatory text and a call to action. Of course, there are exceptions to those components like persuasive signage you see outside of restaurants or directory signage inside of buildings.

Types of Signs in Fort Myers (and Where Should They Be Located)

Exterior signage such as store signs, window graphics, yard signs, vehicle wraps, and wall graphics are also great options for placement outside of your business. Banners, acrylic signage (most commonly used for directory purposes), tri-fold brochures, flyers and digital signage are all great interior options for any business.

Creative Design and Print Resources

This Creative, located near Cape Coral in Fort Myers, FL is your local go-to design and print resource. This Creative can create any signage your business is craving. From vehicle wraps to acrylic signage: if your logo can be posted to it, then This Creative can tag it!

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