What Are Yard Signs?

While, technically, any sign that you put in the yard can be a yard sign, certain signs are made especially for that purpose. Yard signs in Fort Myers by This Creative are lightweight, weather resistant, and perfect for people passing by. In this post we’ll teach you the ins and outs of yard signs. Everything from the material and production, to the ideal uses for these signs.

Yard Sign Material and Production

Yard signs are made from a corrugated plastic called coroplast. The corrugation gives the sign channels, which makes the sign lightweight, and makes installation a breeze (but we’ll get to that in a moment).

The standard size for a yard sign is 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall, making it ideal for quick messages you want to give to people passing by.

We print your design onto the coroplast, and there are a few methods to do this. Let’s go over the details of each printing method.

Mounted Vinyl for Yard Signs in Fort Myers

The first method to apply your design to the coroplast is mounted vinyl. Rather than print your message directly to the coroplast, we print it on high-quality 3M adhesive vinyl, like we use on our vehicle wraps. Once the design is prepared, it is aligned to the coroplast and mounted. Just like that, you have a beautiful yard sign!

Lamination of Yard Signs

One of the benefits of using vinyl for your yard sign is you have the option to laminate. Lamination adds an extra layer of protection to your sign, keeping it safe from sun-damage and extending it’s lifespan. Your print is laminated between the printing and mounting stages.

Direct Print Yard Signs

The second option is direct print yard signs. Rather than mounting vinyl to the coroplast, it is loaded onto a flatbed printer and your design is applied directly to the sign. This method is ideal for higher quantities of yard signs, since a flatbed printer prints 10 standard size yard signs at a time.

Yard Sign Installation

Yard signs are lightweight, and made for easy installation and removal. Remember the channels inside the coroplast? That allows us to slide an H-Stake into the sign. An H-Stake is made from metal. The top half is inserted into your sign, and the bottom half is pressed into the ground where you want to place your sign. To remove or reposition the sign, you simply need to pull it out from the ground!
Ideal Uses

Anyone who has a short and sweet message they want to broadcast can use yard signs. The most common uses we see for yard signs are:

  • Directional Signs
    Perhaps your business is located off a busy road, or the turn into your plaza can be missed. Maybe you have an event going on, and you want your attendees to be able to find parking, exits, or certain areas easily. Using yard signs as directional signage would be perfect for these situations.
  • Open Houses
    If you place an open house yard sign, your clients will have no trouble finding the property. You can even combine this use with directional signs to guide your clients through the neighborhood and directly to the property they want to see.