What is a banner sign?

Banners in Fort Myers by This Creative are the workhorse of the sign industry because they’re versatile, durable, and affordable. Their versatility comes from the variety of materials and finishing options that can be used with them. In this post, we’ll explain the different finishing options and materials you can use for your banner; and how you can use them in different situations.

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Material and Production of Banners in Fort Myers

If clothes make the man, then material makes the banner. The material you choose for your banner has an impact on what it will be capable of. Here are some things to consider when choosing the material for your next banner:

    Even if the design is perfect, if the banner doesn’t use high quality material you could be in trouble. If it’s not high quality your banner can quickly lose color, especially in the Florida sun. In extreme cases it could even smudge shortly after printing, which will cause your design to appear blurry. Stick to brand names you can trust like Briteline or Duratex to avoid situations like these.

    One of the great advantages to banners is being able to use different materials for different applications. This truly makes banners one of the most versatile sign options, so you can use them in almost any situation.

    13oz scrim banner is the industry standard for banner material. The “scrim” refers to fibers used throughout the material. The scrim adds to the durability of your banner, and gives the material the classic banner texture. It is long lasting, affordable, and has the finishing options to be used in most situations.

    10oz Mesh Banner material is made especially for outdoor applications. The mesh allows for greater airflow through the banner. That means you can attach these banners to wire fences or poles outside even on the windiest days.

    Non-Scrim banner is an elegant solution made for POP and event signage. The lack of scrim makes for a smooth, textureless finish that gives an elegant feel to the banner. This makes it ideal for trade shows and point of sale displays when you want people to notice.

    GROMMETS: Grommets are small brass or silver eyelets that are attached to your finished banner. This allows you to use various tools (rope, screws, etc.) to hang your banner without damaging the material.
    HEMS: Hemming your banner reinforces its edges, adding durability and a clean finished look.
    POLE POCKETS: Pole pockets are a specialty finishing option that allows your banner to be hung from poles. The size of the pocket is determined by the size pole to be inserted. Some common pocket sizes are between 4 and 6 inches.
    WIND SLITS: Wind slits are a finishing option that will add more versatility to your outdoor banners. Cutting a few half-circle slits throughout your banner allows wind to pass through so you can hang it on fences or poles even in windy conditions.


You can combine the different materials and finishing options to create a banner that can be used in almost any situation. Here are a few examples, how can a banner help your business:

    “Now Open”, “Now Hiring” or “Big Event This Weekend”
    Announcements are a great use for your outdoor banner. Let people know what’s happening, and broadcast your message without breaking the bank.
    You can use banners with stands as stunning Point-of-Purchase or trade show displays. These provide a lightweight solution to your signage needs that will look amazing. With multiple stand options to choose from like X-Flex and Pop-up banners you’ll have even more control over how your finished display looks.
    Mesh banners are perfect for attaching to your perimeter fence since the mesh allows air to pass through without straining your fence.