Spread the Word (Not the Virus)
with Outdoor Signage in COVID-19

Studies have shown, restaurants and businesses that use outdoor signage are more successful in attracting customers. So, in these uncertain times it’s important you make things as convenient as possible for potential buyers. You don’t want to leave them guessing if your business is open or what your hours are. Having to search online for a business’s status can be frustrating and can leave room for a loss of sales! Not to mention, if you don’t have a social media page, where else will your customers find out? Don’t go M.I.A – be in control with outdoor signage in COVID-19!

A-Frame Sidewalk Signage

Advertise with A-Frames

A sign with many names (sandwich sign, sidewalk sign, etc.), the A-Frame is a classic form of signage that is portable and easy to relocate. They’re also super versatile in such an ever-changing time! Store owners/managers can simply switch their designed message by changing out the panels displayed. Have a new promotion to push? Need to update delivery/take-out options based on changing Covid-19 guidelines? Just slide out the existing design and replace with a new panel whenever you please. This Creative specializes in complementing your business’s iconic branding – we can turn your A-Frame designs into an attractive display cohesive with your overall brand.

Outdoor Signage for Covid-19

Boost Awareness with Banners

Banners are another great way to increase awareness and inform customers of your status. Banners create influence for any business – from essential businesses in the food industry, roofing, and pest control, to air conditioning, electric and more. Clean, concise banners are an inexpensive and efficient way to get your message across with style. It can be increasingly helpful to hang a set of banners detailing take-out and curbside pick-up instructions for your customers. Available in a variety of customized designs and sizes, display them across your storefront and get noticed! Then simply roll them up for compact storage until they’re needed again. At This Creative, we understand that sometimes you’re in a time crunch – that’s why we also offer SAME DAY banners!

Flaunt those Flags

Flapping away in the hot Fort Myers, Florida breeze, feather flags create a way to literally wave down potential customers! This Creative offers professional, custom flag designs in a variety of sizes, reaching up to nearly 20 feet! Feather flags create brand awareness and recognition by displaying a brief message and/or logo from a height above the rest. Show off new promos and sales with high visibility, bright colors and subtle movement. Just imagine the potential on a busy road or street – your eyes naturally follow movement. Displaying outdoor signage doesn’t have an expiration – you can reuse flags now and for future events and sales promotions following the Coronavirus.

Yard Signs as Outdoor Signage in COVID-19

Say YES to Yard Signs

Yard signs can be another successful way to reach the community during the Covid-19 quarantine. Paired with a metal “H” shaped stake, these double-sided signs can easily relay a message from any angle. With so many people outside getting exercise and fresh air during quarantine, foot-traffic may be at an all-time high in your area. Add carefully placed signs and a bright, clean design and you’ve got content front and center for all to see! Communicate if you’re still open or temporarily closed. Educate customers on the safety of your business practices and services. Encourage social distancing once inside your establishment; whatever you find most important to put out there, you can do it with results and class.

Let’s Recap!

Here’s a few examples of helpful information to include on your outdoor signage in COVID-19:

  • Logo & General Branding
  • Updated Business Hours
  • Ordering & Pick-Up Instructions
  • Delivery Availability
  • Current menus, specials and discounts

We know we aren’t the only ones that can’t wait to return to something resembling normality (which is hopefully sooner than later). When the pandemic ends and restrictions are lightened, outdoor signage will be even more valuable of an investment than ever before. All that excitement around your grand re-opening is going to need some backup; let outdoor signage (and This Creative) help you out! We encourage you to stay safe and smart during this time, and as always – stay creative.

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