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Artwork Requirements
for Client Provided Print Ready Files & Graphics

Files sent to This Creative for digital printing or offset printing should adhere to these guidelines as much as possible in order to reduce the need for additional setup time to alter, correct or prepare your file (which helps move your project faster through our production schedule).

Please ensure your artwork meets all of the following requirements below

  • Vector file format preferred (AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF)
  • Use unaltered Pantone (PMS) or CMYK colors (no RGB)
  • Include all embedded/linked images in addition to the main artwork file to be produced
  • All placed text should be converted to outlines
  • Large format graphics should be 72dpi (low resolution) at 100% scale (if not vector)
  • Digital/offset print images (JPG, TIFF, or PSD) should be 300dpi (high resolution) at 100% scale
  • Add 0.125” bleed on all sides if final design calls for edge-to-edge graphics. CLICK TO SEE AN EXAMPLE
  • The document size should be the same as the trim size of the final production piece
  • Spot UV files should only use black (100% K) and white – all items in black will have spot UV added

Acceptable artwork file formats

Illustrator (AI)


Photoshop (PSD)

(Layered Graphics)


(Flat or Vector)


(Flat or Vector)



Flat Image

(ex. Photos)

If vector artwork is requested, do not save non-vector images/graphics as a vector file format
Flat graphics can be vectorized for an additional fee

How to submit your artwork and files to This Creative

Artwork files for your project (up to 25MB) can be emailed to
For larger files, please use one of the following on-line transfer services listed below:
  • Upload files to your own account under a specified project folder
  • Right click folder and select “COPY LINK” from dropdown list
  • Paste copied link into a new email (…)
  • Upload files to your own account under a specified project folder
  • Right click folder, select “SHARE” and update access to “ANYONE WITH LINK”
  • Paste copied link into a new email (…)
  • Upload files (up to 2GB) to email template that appears
  • Click “TRANSFER” button once all files or selected folder are uploaded
  • Files will be available to download for 7 days only once sent

What is bleed and does my artwork need it?

A “bleed” refers to print elements (images, backgrounds, etc.) which extend beyond the trim area of a printed piece. It allows a printer to trim the document to its exact size without any danger of white space showing up along the edges of the piece. Slight shifting can occur during printing as a result of paper, printing, or trimming variance. We recommend a minimum of 1/8’’ (0.125″) bleed on all edges of the artwork.

printing flyer without bleed
printing flyer with bleed

Remember, any artwork which extends into the bleed area will be trimmed away!
You will want to make sure no text or other critical content extends into the bleed area of your document.