While there are many more than six steps to completing trailer wraps, these are your main six to discuss, follow up, and check – before, during, and after having a trailer wrapped. Missing any of these six points can lead to delays, additional costs, and lower a quality finished product.

6 Questions You Need Answered Before Having Trailer Wraps Installed

  1. Logistics

When and where will the trailer(s) be delivered? Who is responsible for the transport? How will the trailers be stored prior, during, and after the trailer wraps? Is it safe in a secure lot? Have you discussed the process of drop off, time needed in house, and pick up process? Logistic breakdown can and will cause delays.

  1. Design

Is the team you’ve hired familiar with trailer wraps and the design process? How many trailer wraps have they designed? Do you like the work showcased in their portfolio? Do the graphics designed for your vehicles fit your brand, is it recognizable as you? Trailers come in many shapes and sizes. it is important to hire someone that is versed in the necessary design process for your unique job. (Want to see our work? Check out our portfolio!)

  1. Print

Is the company handling the printing/install in house, or outsourcing it to someone else? Have you discussed the material they’re going to use, and the finish the vehicle should have? Has the company made you feel relaxed and comfortable about your decision? Most companies will offer samples for you to see and touch to ensure it’s what you want prior to install.

  1. Climate

In what conditions will the graphics be installed? Will it be applied indoors or out? What will the temperature, and humidity be? This is critical because temperature and humidity can adversely affect the quality of the installation. See our FAQ.

  1. Preparation

Is the company managing the trailer wraps prepping the vehicle, or are they counting you to pre-prep the trailer? Has the company discussed any additional prep charges that you may incur or the condition they’re expecting the trailer to be delivered in? Trailers must be clean and free of all residual cleaning fluids as well as oils and other contaminants, which may not be visible to the human eye. In most cases. existing graphics need to be removed and the trailer de-identified. This can be a time-consuming and costly venture. For more information on how to properly prep your vehicle see our free prep guide.

  1. Installation

Does the company installing your trailer wraps have experience? Installing vehicle graphics is an art and a science. There is a right way and wrong way, and the wrong way brings headaches. Hire a crew that is versed in all types of wrap installs, including trailers. Get a free quote from us today!

It’s easy when it’s done right.

If you’re ready to re-brand, whether it’s a solo or a fleet of trailer wraps, these six steps will lead you in the right direction. If you have questions or are ready to wrap your trailer with the top company in SWFL Contact Us at 239-437-1010 or Request a Free Quote online!